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Operational Excellence

Do not ignore the enormous opportunity for shortened processing time and greater profitability in the office and administrative area

Package Cost: USD 140

​Tutorial: 16 hours


Are you drowning in work-in-process and paperwork? Have you ever assessed back office support activities? Are you aware that applying Lean principles in the office area can reduce product development costs by 60% or more? Did you know that the office area produces more waste than the production area? In fact some 70% of office activities can be considered as wastes which can be simplified or even eliminated. Another wasteful area in the office is staff utilization which averages about 42%. As buyers demand that factories reduce lead time and increase downward pressure on the prices they are willing to pay, factories are missing an enormous opportunity for greater profitability when they ignore the potential to reduce costs in the office area.

Lean management is built on the principles of just-in-time production, maximizing flow, and continuously minimizing waste. Companies in any sector can become Lean. In addition to manufacturing, Lean principles are now found in service industries, in health care, hospitality and logistics. Smart world-class organizations are gaining ground by shifting their independent functions into a team-based concept supported by Lean strategic tools.

Being completely Lean means implementing Lean initiatives in the administrative and office areas. Much of the untapped potential for work improvements lies in the management and office value streams which directly support the daily needs of the processes further downstream. Fundamental change ultimately requires the involvement and support of the entire organization otherwise initial efforts will collapse.

This program offers a step-by-step approach to applying Lean initiatives to the administrative and office environment. It is a must learn for Lean leaders looking to improve their office work activities and shorten lead time. The complete program is a valuable tool in applying value stream mapping (VSM) to the office area, identifying office waste, establishing performance metrics, speeding up administrative


Students will learn the most appropriate methods, techniques and tools used to optimize office resources – people, equipment and space – in a Lean environment. They will learn how to improve workflow, reduce cycle time, simplify and standardize office activities, enhance staff utilization, and eliminate bottlenecks and other unnecessary activities. This in turn will lead to cost reductions and more rapid time responses.

Selected Courses

The package is comprised of seven consecutive courses listed below in sequential order: Tutorials and Support Unlimited access is given to all training materials, essential tools and other documents.

  1. Lean Manufacturing Basics
  2. Workplace Organization (5S) in office area
  3. Applying Value Stream Map (VSM) in office area
  4. Lean-Driven Cost Management
  5. Unifying Management System
  6. Conducting Kaizen Events Effectively
  7. Standardization and Problem Solving Techniques


Students who attend and complete the selected courses of this package will be eligible for a Lean Office Management certification.

Recruitment Support Document

A certified document is also provided which will assist the student in any future employment search. It outlines the potential benefits to the employer from a student who has completed the university package. Online job placement assistance is also provided.

Career Prospects

The package is expressly designed for students seeking specific career paths:

  • - Lean Office Manage
  • - Multifunctional Team Leader
  • - Supply Chain Manager
  • - Continuous Improvement Team Leader - Office area
  • - Operational Excellence Manager