Lean project management

Strategizing and leading continuous improvement strategies resulting in cost savings and sustained profitability gains.

Package Cost: USD 140

​Tutorial: 16 hours


In an era demanding continuous improvement and consistent problem-solving, many so-called Lean practitioners focus on the design and implementation of fundamental Lean tools primarily in the manufacturing area. The improvement initiatives target specific areas without an overall strategic plan or aligned profitability goals for the different areas in the organization. However, truly transforming an organization from a conventional manufacturing system to Lean workflow requires a holistic work plan. This plan is split into strategies and policies for designated areas such as behavioral change, management style, management systems, office support concepts, information flow, manufacturing processes and practices, and capacity building. The tactical and operational plans for each area must be interrelated and aligned to meet with the overall strategic goals of the organization.

Many organizations have failed in their initial attempts to transform from conventional to Lean. Lean requires more knowledge and abilities to go beyond physical change it also demands true change in the organization’s business culture. This package focuses on leadership improvement and aims to develop the abilities of the future Lean project manager who must design, strategize, direct and mentor the Lean transformation project. The transformation project will be comprised of several continuous improvement strategies whose policies will result in overall cost savings and sustained profitability gains.

The package is designed for professionals and graduates who seek a career in Lean management leadership in either the manufacturing and administrative areas or who simply wish to enhance their professional background. It is developed to fit industry practices and requirements particularly in Asia and Africa which differ from North America or Europe.


Students who complete the course will know how Lean manufacturing systems and structure affect all areas of management and manufacturing within the organization. They will be able to plan, target, control and adjust so that the organization’s operations will be in line with Lean philosophy and structures. In addition, students will be able to design strategic, tactical and operational plans to transform the entire organization covering systems, structure, shared values, management, performance policies and capacity building in line with corporate goals and future practices. Students will be equipped with the essential knowledge allowing them to design, align and manage a successful Lean transformation.

Selected Courses

The package is comprised of seven consecutive courses listed below in sequential order: Tutorials and Support Unlimited access is given to all training materials, essential tools and other documents.

  1. Lean Manufacturing Basics
  2. Applying Value Stream Map (VSM) in manufacturing area
  3. Optimizing Manufacturing Resources
  4. Lean-Driven Cost Management
  5. Conducting Kaizen Events Effectively
  6. Standardization and Problem Solving Techniques
  7. Aligning Manufacturing Resources with Organizational Improvement Strategy


Students who attend and complete the selected courses of this package will be eligible for a Lean Project Management certification.

Recruitment Support Document

A certified document is also provided which will assist the student in any future employment search. It outlines the potential benefits to the employer from a student who has completed the university package. Online job placement assistance is also provided.

Career Prospects

The package is expressly designed for students seeking specific career paths:

  • - Transformational Project Manager
  • - Plant Manager
  • - Continuous Improvement Team Leader
  • - Operational Excellence Manager